We encouraged the Norwegian people to appreciate their loved ones and their housing.

︎︎︎Sett pris på...

🏆 “The most effective ad of all time in housing and real estate”
– Finansavisen & Ram 2020

In 2019 the Norwegian real estate agency PrivatMegleren relaunched its service “Verdi,” helping people virtually estimate and track the value of their home.

We encouraged the Norwegian public to use the service to “Sett pris på” (translation meaning both “to set a price on” and “to appreciate”) their boss, parents-in-law, ex, date, and others.

Agency: KOOGCO

Creative Credits:
︎︎︎ Hanna Hereid Ringheim
︎︎︎ Caroline Macri

Graphic Designer
Sebastian Jansen Tharaldsen

Morten Borgestad

Emma Päivi